Sektörel Çözümler Dayanıklı ama aynı zamanda güvenli olan poliüretanlar bize konfor sunmaktadır. Poliüretanlar rahat bir modern yaşamın temellerindendir. poliser

Spray systems

These systems which are applied with mobile high pressure injection machines are used for heat and sound insulation purposes on; reverse-roof, roof, roof floor, base and floor insulation. These are polyurethane systems which can be applied with a density range of 20 - 150 kg / m3 and which consist of polyol and isocyanate with B2 flammability classes according to DIN 4102 standards.
Within the framework of sustainability, Poliser uses environmentally friendly new generation of blowing agents.
Poliser, the representative of Magma machines which have many features such as variable ratio, low energy consumption and long life use in spray machines, meets all the needs of industry with its technical service and innovative solutions.