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Polyurethane Binders

Polyether based one-component binders are commonly used for connecting rubber parts in granular form with the purpose of coating children's play parks, sports fields, walking pathways. It can be applied by molding and casting technique. It can be applied with rubber tile molding and casting technique. In the molding technique; the granule-binder mixture needs an average temperature of 150 0 C and curing time for 10-15 min. The product reaction is completed in this short time. These molds are then applied to the desired area with polyurethane based adhesives. Recommended amount of usage is between 6-12% according to the type of granule. In casting technique, the mixture of granules and binder is poured directly into the area and the surface is smoothened by roller. Complete drying of product takes 24 hours. At the end of this time, product completes its reaction. Recommended amount of use is between 20-25%.