Sektörel Çözümler Dayanıklı ama aynı zamanda güvenli olan poliüretanlar bize konfor sunmaktadır. Poliüretanlar rahat bir modern yaşamın temellerindendir. poliser


Using polyurethane sandwich panels with better insulation values compared to equivalent insulation materials (Eps, Xps, Rockwool, etc.) used in panels having prefabricated constructions, thermal insulation in industrial facilities, load carrying capacity and reassembling properties, are gradually increasing. Panels that can be produced with continuous and discontinuous process conditions, are produced as 90-95% closed cells and in 30-45 kg / m3 density.
We present low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ = 0,0023 Watt / K.h) and B3, B2 and PIR systems as barrel, IBC and casting products with our service and technical service.