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R & D

Research and development
Flokser is committed to ongoing research and development in order to stay competitive and relevant. Flokser is the first and only company in Turkey to have a dedicated polyurethane and textile R&D center. Flokser was the first in Turkey to reach a number of milestones. We were the first in Turkey to producean easy clean synthetic leather polyurethane, water borne polyurethane dispersion, bio based polyols, bio based polyurethanes for synthetic leather and coatings, and DMF-free coating polyurethane. On top of this, we were the first in the world to produce a DMF-free, bio based coating polyurethane. And our innovation continues. Last year, we introduced 42 new products to the market.
  • Approximately 30 new products / year
  • More than 10 projects in cooperation with TÜBİTAK
  • 18 completed, 3 ongoing TEYDEP projects
  • Cooperation with many major Universities
  • R & D budget corresponding to 3% of financial turnover