Innovations Precise innovation and progress are achieved with products that improves the lives of the people. poliser


In everything we do at Flokser, we are mindful of our impact on the world. This manifests in two core areas of focus, namely innovation & sustainability.
We are constantly innovating and developing new methods of production and products in order to benefit our customers. We place our customers at the focus of our developments. Through our consistent constructive engagements with our customers, we react proactively to their changing needs and interests. For us, this is the heart of innovation, producing products that improve people’s lives, by listening to what they have to say. Behind everything we do is a desire to impact the world for the better. With this in mind, we are careful to ensure our products, production methods and business practices do not negatively impact the environment, our employees and our stakeholders. Thus, we place great importance on environmentally friendly and safe production practices. We also care for our employee family and our business partners who have placed their trust in us. This is what drives our scalable and sustainable approach to growth, so that we can ensure we can provide for our partners and deliver on our commitments long into the future. 
Flokser is conscious of its CO2 foot print, stemming both from our logistics as well as from our energy consumption. We are proud to use eco-friendly blowing agents and we advocate these to all our customers.