Customer Services We handle the customer demands and requests with an understanding of constantly providing quality and quick service. poliser

Customer Service Policy

As a leading and pioneer company in the sector, we commit to fulfil customer requests and demands in an open, transparent, fast, reassuring and customer focused manner.
We always treat customer requests and demands with the understanding of providing high quality and fast service. We objectively and quickly review each complaint we receive from our customers and provide a solution. We follow up complaints until all internal and external solutions are depleted and our customers are satisfaid, we meet costumer expectations with constant improvement by making analysis.
We provide environments in which our stakeholders (our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society, and legal institutions) can express themselves, support themselves, share and grow, and constantly improve themselves.
We take legal and regulatory requirements and customer expectations into account while setting the policy and objectives of the request and demand handling process.
We regularly overview customer complaints management processes and existing systems to identify areas open for improvement and improve productivity, we report activities and apply permanent solutions on our systems and processes by improving constantly.