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Customer Complaint Management Process

The objective of the Flokser complaint management process is to manage complaints submitted to us through all of our interaction channels in the fastest manner according to written rules and procedures of company and to increase quality of our products and services within a fair, neutral, standardized approach and customer satisfaction.
ISO 10002 The process of handling and completing customer complaints in the direction of our goals is as follows:
Complaint Receipt and Pre-Review: 1 WORK DAYS
Complaint Assesment: 4 WORK DAY
Complaint Finalisation: 1 WORK DAY
Transmitting Complaints
It is possible for our customers to reach us through various channels of interaction.
* Can be delivered through  "Complaint Entry" screen takes place in "Customer Service" section on our website. 
* Can be delivered to our company via e-mail address:
* Can be delivered customer representatives or our technical support team channel.
Complaints notifications made on the "Complaint Entry" screen on the website are recommended and quick method.
Complaints are gathered in a single pool and concluded by a single center even if they reach us through different channels of interaction. Flokser have established necessary infrastructure in all channels for transmission and recording of complaints and are constantly improving.
All customer complaints are recorded and assessed in accordance with our Flokser procedures and process of handling complaints. Our customers are informed by SMS for complaints are recorded. The complaint tracking number and password are sent to customer along with SMS.
Our customer can follow complaint situation via "Customer Service / Complaint Tracking" menu on the website by logging in with this number and password which are reported by SMS. The complaint is notified to the customer by "Complaint Received" status.
It should be sent to  as e-mail.
Complaint Assesment
Complaints are resolved at our Customer Service Center by our expert customer representatives and our technical staff at our factories.
Our aim is to correctly assess and resolve complaints in the first instance.
The complaints delivered to our customer service center are classified according to complaint categories and are directed to relevant departments according to quality of product / service. Complaints may include information, documents, samples, photographs etc. obtained from the customer or the authorities. The material is assessed and the appropriate solution proposal and complaint result outcome are clarified considering customer expectations.
This complaint is notified to customer through "Assesment" status.
Complaint Completion
It is our company's first priority to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible. Each customer complaint is concluded with utmost care and diligence in a fair, impartial and standard manner according to our complaints management processes. Completed information is forwarded by Customer Service Center via SMS to customer. The customer reaches complaint result report and detailed information through complaint follow-up screen in Polisher web site. This complaint, in this stage, is reported to customer with the status "Completed".
Consensus with Customer
Confirmation is taken from customer through website regarding the result of complaint reported to customer. If the customer confirms the decision to be reported, the complaint status is recorded as "Closed" and the complaint is terminated.
If customer does not approve outcome decision, complaint is processed and evaluated for second time to investigate alternative solutions. At the end of the process, the customer is informed about alternative solutions and result. If the customer approves outcome decision against the proposed solution proposal for 2nd time, the complaint is taken to the status "Closed" and terminated.
If customer does not approve the result of complaint for the 2nd time, complaint is taken to status "Open". In this case, customer is informed about external (external) solutions.
Continuous Improvement
Flokser aims to continuous improvement of efficiency and productivity of process of handling complaints with the activities it applies. The following actions are taken in order to prevent recurrence of complicated problems and to prevent potential problems, as well as adoption of corrective / preventive actions for this, research of innovations and use of comparing methods.
Investigates best practice of handling complaints and apply them,
Adopts a customer-focused approach within the organization,
Encourages innovation in handling and developing complaints,
Plans and implements actions to avoid multiple and repeated complaints on the same topic.