Corporate We make ourselves proud by constantly offering high quality, reasonably priced, safe products with an integrated and sustainable value chain. poliser

Our Manifesto

At Flokser we believe that true innovation and progress are not just about using the most upto-date technology and techniques. To produce products that impact and change society for the better, you have to understand people and place them at the focus of your business and of everything you do.


That’s why Flokser’s team is both driven and approachable. They are committed to forging human bonds with our customers and to understanding them as people. These bonds and the understanding it generates lead our team to develop products, solutions and services that improve people’s lives in a lasting, impactful way. Our efforts to engage with our customers on a personal level, to produce impactful products and to do so responsibly, mindful of our impact on the environment, all result in a lasting positive impact on businesses and society as a whole. 


Our commitment to maintaining positive relations with everyone involved in our activities, from employees to business partners and customers, is the bedrock of our approach. Our employees feel they are valued as part of a dynamic and engaged family, prioritizing ethical practices, while our business partners know that we will deliver quality products to the highest industry standards.